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Classic and Stylish Vegetable / Fruit Storage Basket


Palm Leaves to create a range of traditional handwoven items such as baskets and more.

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The size of Palm leaves varies significantly based on the species, typically taking 3 to 5 years to attain their full size. These leaves serve as the foundation for crafting biodegradable goods. Extracted from the ivory-hued Thunder Palm Tree, these leaves are sun-dried for 2 days.

Each leaf is then carefully divided into 3 or 4 segments using a specialised splitting tool mounted on a wooden stand. Following this, the leaves are dyed in accordance with design preferences and sun-dried once again, ready to be skilfully shaped into desired products.

In Tamil culture, the palm tree stands as a symbol of prosperity, with the term ‘panai’ signifying both the tree and wealth (‘panam’). Historical reverence for the tree and its derivatives has persisted over time. Bolstered by contemporary designs and the enthusiastic reception from the public, we anticipate a revitalised era for palm artisans and their creations.

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Dimensions 18 × 18 × 15 cm
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Classic and Stylish Vegetable / Fruit Storage Basket